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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 11, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> thanks for shiring your time for us today. nearlye 3000 innocent people lost their lives during the worst terrorist attacks on american soils. all morning long we'll remember their sacrifice. and president obama defending the economy and admitting that voters maycr punish democrats for listen. >> for all of the progress we have made we are not there yet. that means people areng frustrate angry. >> is there anything he can d to save had the party. >> big brother is watching what you your kids are eating. a fair and balanced debate on
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th menu. straight ahead. "fox and friends" for saturday starts right now. ♪ > thatanmation shows what it will eventually look like in downtown manhattan where the world trade center once stood. this is a live shot. >> that is the view from library state park across the hudson river looking at manhattan. that is the taller building on the screen. that's where it will stand 1776 feet some day. >> welco to the special coverage for september 11th, nine years later.
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ceremonies in ground zero are due to get underway in two hours from now and peter joins us. >>reporter: nine years ago today, the air just outside of the window, rebuilt world tre center on the 10th floor yas filled with dust and ndsirens. today clear air and music will greet the friend exercise family members of those killed where the attacks too place. there will be bag pipe drums and trumpets playing taps serving as back depround . 212 people working on the memorial will read the names of those killed here. there will be remarks made by mayor michael bloomburg . vice-president joe biden and america's mayor rudy guiliani. the ceremony will be broken up by four moments of silence. two marking the time the planes hit and two when the
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buildings colpsed. 8:46, that's when the first plane hit and that will be silenced and joined by bells. houses of worship will ring bells at the same time in memorium of what happened nine yrs ago. there is not a lot to see progress is being made. 2000 construction workers building four structures that will hopefully some day be fill the void in the new york city sky line that the fallen towers unfortud.nately left behind. one will be america's tallest. 1776 feet. the isn no time line when it will be complete. organizers said the memorial and museum will be completed for the anniversaryf of 10th year . two pools, one acres large
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laying in the foot prints of the towers with the names of the victims eached around the trees based on where each person was. that is happening next september 11th . tonight after the ceremony are tributes ofill be light. two standing next to each other shining all the way up to the heavens. all night as a nighttime reminderne of what happened here nine yearsgo. >> peter, thank you very much. >> president obama mking the 9/11 anniversary saying this. the commander-in-chief saying this. >> on this day we honor those who died so that others might live. fire firefighters and first responders who climbed the stairs was two towers and passengers who stormed the cockpit and many who have born the uniform of the country and
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given their lives so ouran children can grow up in a safer world. speak president will more in a speech at the pentagon an hour and half now. late late a michelle obuma and former first lady laura are in smarving're shanksville, pennsylvania. >> this ariel picture. check this out. this shows the d amage and paints a grim andtu devastating picture of what happened there. the death tollis now four, homes devastated 37. >> we are worerki hard, very hard on the reentry plan. that is the priority for this next operational period. we haveot to identify the tazardous material zone tha exists. we also hav to restore per and utilities. federal investigators are with several teams trying to figure out
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exactly what caused the massive explosion. >> audden flip flop from iran's government. officials say they will not release american hiker sarah shourd. they said they would free her early this morning. they are say her case is held legal unfinished procedures. shourd and her friends were in solitary confinement for 14 months after accidentally going across the border. >> a wounded soldier who h risked his life to rescue a comrades will be receiving a medal of honor. staff sergeant giunta walked mbush. bullets smashed in his chest. plate. that didfn't stop him from killing the insurgent and wounding the other. he's from iowa and just 25
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years old. he will be honored today. >> all morning long, we are talking about theration at ground zero and continue with that. we'll talk about politicings. yesterday the president of the united states went inhe east room of the white house and one hour and 17 minute press conference. it is interesting. he did blame the republicans for the bad stuff. but he said regarding jobs and the economy, he understands that people are frustrated out there and that could be bad for his party. listen to this. >> for all of the progress we haveade, we are not there yet and that means the people are frustrated and that means people are angry . since i am the president, and democrats have controlled the house and senate, it is understandable that people re saying, you know, what have you done? >> yeah, and that means he could be in trole.
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>> he doesm think that the stim tim worked but not fast enough or as well as it could have for the people. it hasn't stopped him from n aing for 100 billion i stimulus term thoug he doesn't use the term for infrastructure blitz. >> we'll see how many democrats will be in favor of extending that to everyone not just the middle class. more and more are coming on the other side. that will be interesting t see how it pans out. he spent a considerable amount of time talking about thuation in ground zero with the mosque. they are wondering whether or not he showed me passion for t that discussion than he did for the economy. we'll show anippet of that. >> the folks most interested in a war between the united states or westebbed of islam are al qaeda. from a national security interest we want to be clear
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about who the enemy is here. it i a handful of tiny minority of people who are engaging in horrific acts. we have millions of muslim americans, our fellow citizens in this country. when we start acting as if their religion is some how offensive, what are we saying to them in >> one thing i want to point out to you, a tiny, tiny portion of people. no, no. these people are islamic extremist. they are not christian extremist or jewish extremist. a tiny portion in that religion . hoe has todentify that for people to give him more credit whegn it t comes to fighting the ar on terror or getting his views passed. he never acknoedge they are muslim or terrist, but terrorist are m muslim? >> it was noted by thei people in the room, he was talking
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bout the economy, it seemed like he was adjunct professor and droning on. but the question turned to religion, he got really passionate about it and mark mcken who was an advisor to president george bush. if he was that excited about the economy as he was talking about religion, his unfavorable ratings would go down. >> the president had the same wrap on him bush 41. the word was h le didn't like to talk about the economy orgh recession people thought he was not engaged. he was but nots as passionate about n it. what is there to be excited about in the economy? de> peeking of president bush. president bush, the most important thing that happened president obama thanked president bush. >> i can't believe it. >> i was wondering if that a strategy or a move based on the fact he didn't thank him
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when he didn't thank him about iraq. i wonder if strategy-wise did they include that onurpose? >> this is what we are writing down. i am trying to watch the press conference . i said i wrote this down. he said one of the things i admire moost about president bush. that is a statement i never heard. and he said the way he handled us and brought us through 9/11 and made it clear we were not at war with muslips and islam. that is true today. he said t ohat on the heels of joe biden saluting the handling of the troops. >> it was big . a big change of heart from a just a week ago. >> talk a bit about healthis care. that is still on your minds. some of those things will kick i inmmediately and some kick . january coming up majority in 2014.
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are we filing the affects? yesterday health and human service kathleen sebelius said watch out. don't think you can raise your premiums and blame it on obama tecare. >> she said quote. there will be zero tolerance for this typef misinformation and unjustified rate increase. we'll not standidely by hasers blame their premium hikes. iteemed extraordinary to threaten someone or enity with exercising their. >> thel is in the health industryourt. they were vilifiedn the proce in this administration. john bone bone you - boehner you are the enemy now. and now the health industry i will tell you exactly why i am
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raising rates. don't keep silent but fight back. >> she's right. and i think we will tell nt week about health insurance that i provide for an employee and rates are going upon dramatically . on the other end of the phone, it is because of obama care. >> that company might get shut out if it goes the way kathleen sebelius isng talking. meanwhile big brother is watching what your kids are eating. is that a good idea or just odd? a fair and balanced debate. a>> and our coverage o t anniversary of 9/11. up next. new york mayor meek mike bloomburg. ♪ [ singing ] have a box top on a can.
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>> time for your news by the
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numbe. a 400 million dollar settlement. that'what iraqi government will pay to americans. qisfira were making if the cusanction were removed. >> how much the government spend toz classyen a document. for each dollar spent making them open to the public. it is part of the a study saying that the current administration is transparent. >> 10,000. that's how many companies are getting married today on september 11th. most schedule the day intentionally trying to bring positive thoughts to a traditionally dark day. >> thank you, brian. >> big brother may be lurking in your child's school cafeteria. iowa school district is requiring students to enter a four-digit pin number to track the food to make sure it is
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healthy. is this going too far from you. >> here is president of the institute for liberty. ood morning to both of y. >> help me understand the program. it is in one school district in iowa and the kids go trough lunchtime and have to have three things that are healthyinnd give a pin number. >> what they are doing is making sure they are eating healthy meals. if a child picked low fat hocolate milk. it is canny in a carton. this is 15 spoonfuls was sugar. the child needs to have a lean protein and vegetable to go program is the trying to do making sure they are eating a healthy meal. it is not bigrother. children deserve special protection. >> andrew why do you have a problem with the program? >> botm le, if they are tracking the kids, they ought
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to be more honest about it. they are not following them individually. they can use the data from the marketing at the schools themselves. bottom line if you want to remove junk food. parents ought to get togetr and remove junk food from schools. to me. >> isn't that happening? >> i have been fighting this for years. i have been in the north and side and it is it parents who are endoctorating children in a junk food life style. it is a default and should be safe and healthy for every child. >> as parent, i am not there . i want them to eat healthy and i understand the big brother thing, i would rather have theming health onion than inucken nuggetrench fries inm >> the bottom line. i have kid in the school. my school instituted no cup cake policy and we all
7:20 am
crumbled. it seems to work out. no junk food during snack food. it is up to the parent to do that. bottom line here, end result, and in mimies perfect well they will be wearing uniforms and cal thethinistics. >> i wish ks widld do what you are doing for your children. you are lucky. > guys, got to wrap it up. we have a breaking news situation in ground zero. e-mail us and let us know what you think about that. mimi and andrew, thank you very much. buying a gun with a fake license . one the one who goes behind bars is the gun dealer. >> coverage for anniversary of 9/11 new york city michael bloomburg joins us when we come back. ♪ [ female announcer ] stay once.
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>> nine years ago today the world changed when terrorist attacked the united states of america. this morning we look at lives lost and look ahead at the building in ground zero. new york mayor bloomburg user from ground zo. >> good morning. >> it is great to y have you. it seeming like a year and other times 25 years ago. right.i rou are sometimes little things bri back and you remember that day. where was i and what did i do or think? or somebody you knew was lost and other times long-term and
7:25 am
building and history lesson, commerce, y iou know, it is just in our minds we compartmentalize some things and oer things go on. >> i am sure people come up to you and said this is where i was on 9/11 and this is what happened and what are we doing. how many people ask you if safer now than then? >> very few. we spent a lot of money and thought to make the city better and protect against turse turse. terrorism, but also to make sure the street crime goes down which is somethinghat people worry about more than terrorism. theruth of the matter is, we live in a dangerous world and peoe who want to take away your freedoms and mind. we have to stand up for that. a example is a of the brew hahaover someone building a
7:26 am
place of worship and if the government should be involved. i think the constitution is a wonderful document to protect us all and we have to make sure we stand by is it and ptect others toake sure when our time comes it is the constition is protecting us. >> regarding theosque. this is different. people in manhattan are arguing over whether or not it is cse. you have any second thoughts you come out strongl >> no, the supreme court would come out stronger. it is plain and simple a constitutional right and the government should not be involved in telling you who to pray to and whey to pray and how to py and who should lead the praye and money come from to pie for the buildings. ifhe government gets involved here, the government
7:27 am
can get involved in their town and telling them who they should pray and what i pparopriate. i don't think that the conitution said that. i also think that thiss an election issue and all going to go away right after the november electio and we'll get back and look and say while it was controversial and everyone had a different view, america sod up for basic p rhts of people. that's what was so threateni to those who took away 2900, of our citizens and frids lives. >> we don't know for sure if they will ultimately build the mosque. but we know what they are building behind you. w can see a construction crane over you shoulder. people thought nine or 10 years, the new towers will be there and we will have moved on. not a lot has gone on, but you are happy with the pace of the reconstruction, right?
7:28 am
>> i don't think you can say not a lot is going on. depiven that we have had 7 different governors of new york and new jersey and each one had given input . two railroads on t sites and economic crisis and one of theed most com construction projects attempted. htoricians will look at and say this is done in good time and speed. most important thing we build what is right and safely. >> mr. mayor, i know you haveos a positive morning and it starts an hour from now. we thank you for joining us. >> your welcome. >> mayor michael bloomburg. >> straight an illegal alien buys a gun and sells to another illegal alien . the one who goes to jail, the dealer. >> bellville, california. the one where city managers
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♪ >> we hope eventual he thal be blt like that. >> the freedom tower. 1776 feet tall . we had the mayor on live from ground zero. b he's happy by the pace. a lot of people thought we would have more . >> the first one was built quicker. it is more compliced.
7:33 am
fort authority and the guy with the money was not happy and suing. >> and a couple of rail lines under the property that make c its more complicated. >> let me tell you what is going on ceremons across the country markiinnghe ninth anniv ersary . september 11th attacks. we'll have vice-president joe biden and new york mayorg bloomburg laying a wreth and then four moments of silence and the readings of the victim's nam. at times when the tower truck and fell. we'll have live coverage in the morning . the president will speaknd more. and an hour and halfow from now. first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush in shanksville, pennsylvania at the site of the crash site. >> in india police are
7:34 am
battling flames. they are protesting indian control over this particular land and they want independence. during the past through mongs 73 people have died in similar protest. >> new video from juarez, mexico. 25 people were killed in a hail of bullets as rival drug gangs opened fire by the u.s. border and 25 inmates escaped from pritson scaling the walls by using ladders. and dozens of guards are believed to have helped in the. la officer shot by the same officer two years ago. the riots sparked by last week's shoinffg. the officer frank hernandez was shot in the leg and claimed that he was carrying a weapon.
7:35 am
city attorney's office is not commenting, gedretchin. >> the federal government is moving o in on bell, california. that was a city as one of the most corrupt in the country. the feds are focusing on the investigasetion of the police to see if they tried to boost city revenue by cracking down on m inorities. earlier this summer the city manager and members of council were busted by collecting outrageous salaries. 800,000 a year to be the city manager. >> let's fine out what is goi on. >> the blob is tropical storm igor. maximum sustained winds of miles per hour it is moving west at 20 miles per hour. currently no threat to main land usa or any country for the most part.
7:36 am
and that is your fox travel cast. >> we'll talk baseball. a possible playoff preview in texas. defending champion yankees taking on the rangers. they were up 4-1 and needed 13 inningso decide the game. we are tied and so this shot by nels only cruz to send everybody home. walk off homers for the rangers and gave them 7-5 victory. yankees lead in the al-east. it is one game over tampa bay who is not going away. andy petit is coming back. his groin is feeling better. >> venus williams out of the u.s. opens. she was defeated by kim clisters back to defend her tle for a victory in new york. she will mee in the final. and finally check out
7:37 am
this. it may be the goal of the year in soccer. taking on purchase. 67 minutes. daniel with a spectacular kick . they have a 8-nothing wrap. oh, my goodness. i could but not on the show. it is cumrsome . also this is a halogram in the fold turf. >> talk about this in austin, texas. they were at a gun show. texas gun show and a vietnam veteran was selling guns. he sold a gun to this unknowingly to an illegal immigrant who had a driver's license and a middle man as well the story is complicated. mr. cope land going to jail for six months . but the middle man also an illegal immigrant not doing jail time. >> it is a puzzling case.
7:38 am
you have him following the rules. he said i need to see your driver's license and the middle man who purchased the gun for him for the illegal alienad the legal driver's license presumably from texas it looked real to him. ent it through the system and came up okay. he's in trouble and apparent leap the middle man who was in the cntry illegally and had the driver's license, the valid drivervalid driver's license. that guy is not charged what is the matter of the picture. >> the other illegal, he is charged with possession of a fire arm by a prohibited peeprsonnd he was departed july 8th. usually that doesn't happen. at least we report that was the end result but paul copeland going to jail. >> he followed the rules and
7:39 am
it turns out he was in thea country illegally. i feel bad for paul cope land. >> who has a better sense of humor governor palin or governor schwarzenegger. >> arnold has been in comedy movies. and she wasig on saturday night life. it is a competition. >> tell you where s it started. governor schwarzenegger had to go to anchor age, alaska and twittered. he did i witth his thumbs, i don't know. over anchor age, alaska looking anywhere and can't see rush yampt will keep you updated. making fun of tina fey, governor palin. >> he had attached a picture of himself gazing out the window . sarah palin who is 81 of the queens of twitter. he is taking a shot at me. t back?i take a sho
7:40 am
why, of course. she tweeted. arnold should have ld in alaska. i could have explained our s multibillion dollar state surplace and u.s. energy security everies whampt he's been up to? poking her finger in his eye . his state iske broke. >> broke to a total of 19b, billion dollars . on the scale of comedy and who won? who won? >> palin retort. >> oarnold said don't be sensitive. every time heakes a joke. don't people know w he is by now? it is locker room sense of humor. >> unusual that a republican take a shot at another one in a public forum. >> true. >> a lot of people don't think that arnold schwarzenegger is a republican. that is another debate. >> marking the tragedy of the
7:41 am
9/11 at the pentagon. we'll go live there next. >> we' talk with congrsman peter king aut the fight against terror and the mosque downtown. both domestic and ablaud . uilianiorget rudy g will be coming up. have a good day. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? s could be your ticket to do it. big time. yocould win a once in a lifetime chance to le your passion by choosing from ten never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacation, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef,
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>> here are our top stories this morning for your health. according to the centers for disease control most americans don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. federal guidelines suggest two senchings of fruits and three aggies a day. >> secret to long life may be within your grip.
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firm hand shake coinicides with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. >> what?es t contributes. >> you shot that right outside >> what does a hand shake do to your health. >> help me to understand that. i don't get it? am i tired? >> i think we are talking about firmness. you have to be able to squeeze hands in america. >> is it with good circulation. i don't know. >> a make your children get enough sleep. a link between not getting enough sleep as infants to toddlers and risk of childhood obesity after age five. for more information click on for your health. >> 15 minutes before the top of the hour. 90 minutes from now, president obama will mark the ninth year since the 9/11 attacks. today, he will make a speech in the pentagon. that is as first lady obama
7:46 am
and former first lady laura bush are in pennsylvania at the crash se of night 5 93. and a pne crash in the pentagon nine years ago today. >> gd morning, steve, brian and gretchin. it is a beautiful, peaceful morning here just across from t pentagon, similar to the way it was nine years ago. i remember the day very well a lot of people showed up f work and for american airlines 5 77 slammed on this side o the building. you look at the building right now it is peaceful and looks like the pentagon did on this day nine years ago before the impact of the plane. we look at the anniversary, the president will come over for a wreth lay moment of silence gives marks. relation is so muc in the news with the mosque situation in new york .
7:47 am
threatened qu'ran burning in florida, and the president's message has been tolerance. take a listen. >> i think it is absolutely important now, for the overwhelming majority of the american people to hang on to that thing that is best in us. a belief in religious tolerance. clarity about who our enemies are. our enemies are al qaeda can allies that are trying to kill us . killed more muslims than just about anybody on earth. >> we will hear from the president a little later this morning. i was here nine yearsgo today. i have not been back to this side of the bui alding since then and the emotions that come back being here and thinking of the people lost in the building and lost on the flight and obviously at the locations that were affected. it is striking.
7:48 am
i spent a couple of years inside of t building talking about the response to 9/11. but to be back here is hard to describe. >> it is hard to describe and hard to believe that it has been nine years already. >> mike, they built it up so rapidly and especially as we are looking at the world trade center that. is surprising to you, i imagine. >> absolutely. it was burning and smoking nine years agooday. when you think about what the pentagon had to do after 9/11 happened to respond tohe attacks, war in afghanistan and iraq and they rebuilt this in a hurry and rebuilt a memorial in a hurry and should be a first class remembrance later this morning when the president is here. >> mike, thank you for sharing the personal thoughts as well. it>> here in new york with the
7:49 am
rebuilding of the wld trade center site. all of the municipalitiys and port authority owned the ground and state of new york and city of new york. it has been a long trip. >> he led new york and the country to the through9 the 9/11 attacks. mayorual jul joins us. and a setting up with a boss tha married her and they are married. that sounds like a reality so he.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
when kelly irish went on line looking for love. an unlikely connection with a former boss that fired here ended with happily ever after.
7:53 am
kelly and her husband casey join us from tampa, florida. good morning to the newly weds >> this is a story you hear about and go no way it could be true. kelly, you go to a interview in casey's company which is theest wood assisted living center. you end up being employed ag?nd not for long? >> i was employed three month during that time i only saw him in person three or four times. fourth time i saw him in person was the day he fired me. >> you get fire exclude trying to find anotherob and in the meantime you tnk i should spice up my love life. you go on line and who was your perfect match in >> casey. he was the top notch in ouriary and we live in at maul town . i was appalled and i turned
7:54 am
off the computer. >> casey, here is a wonderful woman who was your perfect match whom youad fired. what did you do to get her back in your life? >> she -- did i approach you first? >> i contacted him first. >> she contacted me and obasically said we needed to get along. i couldn't figure out why she was nice to me. this is a maul town and we need to be able to get along and if we can'tget along, you need to move . so right then, i asked her her on a date andhe accepted. >> something great happened. you two endedp getting hitched, right i >> yes, one week ago today. >> wow. g so loo at great. ou are in a kil>t? >> yes. >> my ridence we have good old irish residents and they demanded i wear a kit and i am
7:55 am
all about having fun and i scott a kilt from scottish dunedin and got the mayor to do our ceremony and he's known for wearing his kilt. we had fun with it. >> kelly, i understand you are back employed and where are you actually employedow in >> i started out as activities democraticor and now the marketing and business and admigs director. >> back at your husband's company that fired you? >> right. exactly. and we work side by side. >> marrying the boss who fired you is one way to get your job back? >> whe bn he hired me bk. we had broken up for a small time and during that time. >> another quick one. >> broke up on valentine's dayeh two weeks on later and i had to gore through the brew process and within a month of hiring me back it w dating again.
7:56 am
>> fair and square. got her job back the right way. >> and great talking with you today. thank you for sharing your story. >> good luck. >> the entire neighborhood leveled by the massive explosion in california. investigators are unable to get close to the blast to find answers. the latest in san bruno when we come back. last nightcelebs come together to stand up to cancer. ♪ ♪ we got to stand up. ♪ we got to stand up.p ♪ stand up to cancer. hree, four♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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>> good morning, everyone. thanks foharing your time on september 11th. family of the victims
8:00 am
gathering in ground zero. we remember this morning and honor their memory. >> the man who helped tod lead new york city and theountry in that day and the daysft after. former mayor ruddy guiliani who is dubbed america's mayor. he isich from ground zero in a moment. >> you are looking live in the pentagon wherere commander-in-chief president obama will remember those who lost sacrificed their lives for our country. "fox and friends" fox special edition starts right now. >> welcome to a special edition of "fox and friends". the rise of freedom . the animation shows what the freedom tower will look like some day when they are done with it. it is hard to believe it is nine years. i am with brian and gretchen.
8:01 am
ground zero we saw in the image vice-president joe biden. >> he is there yes, with governor chris christie and mayor michael bloomburg and jill biden. ayory bloomburg, they are laying a wreath to honor the fallen and four moments of silence in the reading of the victim's names at the times when the towers were struck and when the towers fell ase well. we have live coverage throughout the morning right here. >> we have governoratterson, and the govnor of new york is amongst that group of people. they shake the hands of people who came down to commemorate the n th anniversary.ct in some respects it feels like it was yesterday. >> family members just on the they look familiar. it is governor christi's first ime at ground zero. >> as >> as governor .ic then the vice-president who
8:02 am
has beenere for the last couplef day and we'll hear what he has to say. >> official ceremony will be taking place in the zukati park andelatives the dad dead and workers putting together the 9/11 memeaial will read the names of the fallen. eric shawn is there. >>reporter: hello, everyone it is again here in ground zero, a day and morning of quieet grief. there will be tears and honor and contemplation for the next several hours, as has happened in the last eight years, there will be four moments of silence marking the times of the tragedy. 8:46 when the first plane hit the north tower 9:03 . plane hit the south tower and they crumble to the ground at 9:59 and 10:28. this morning family and dig
8:03 am
natarries are gathering as they have for the past eight years. vice-president joe biden laid a wreath in the reflecting pool. that's the same place where so man family members wil be laying roses and flowers in commemoration of their loved ones . the heart breaking list of those will be read. names of people who perished on that day nine years ago. it is a day also that is tinged with ebecausoversy of the controversy over the proposed islamic center. mayor bloomburg said the d represents our freedom. >> we live in a dangerous world and people want to take away your freedoms and mine . we have to stand up wit for ct exale ofper that is all of the brew hahaover someone wanting to build a religious place of
8:04 am
worship andnm whether the government should be involved. i happen to think that the constitution is a wonderful document that protects us all and we have to make sure we have to stand by it to protect others so when our time comes, the constitution will be there for us. >> it is a site of hope and inspiration. you can see the museum and 9/1 memorial finally taking shape. there will bere tremendous tribute museum. water fall and down inscrired with the names of those who died here and eight acres plasa and white oaks grown .s emergency relics and tributes and testimony about the threat from islamic radicalism andss the other issues here in depround ground when that memorial is finally opened with much anticipation a year
8:05 am
from now. today, i is a day to remember and honor those who wereill would and tonight tributes o light.ea two beams representing the world trade center towers that will pierce the night sky reminder of what happened here and also of the threat that still ests. back to you guy in the studio.nk >> eric, thank you, sir. >> and the president will speak today in the pentagon in dc an hour and half from no you are looking at live pictures from there . there will be a memorial held in this field in shanksville, pennsylvania remembering the passengers who phot bac and stopping the terrorist and preventing another attack. first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush will speak at ts morning's service. >> it was a special that greta closed the show. f-16s in the airng and pairing to protect washington d.c.
8:06 am
because they heard that the flight was loose. f-16 is scramble pentagon is on fire. what kind of decision would they have been forced to mak had that crew not risen up and fought back. for those who doubt it happened. there are recorngs o the horrific moments. >> we have a remembrance of what went down day. y that 15 minutes trom now. >> as we had it it on o pur pet network >> he w a commanding and comforting presence for new york city and the entire nation on 9/11. he became known as america's mayor that day and joins us from the world trade cenr area mayor rudy guiliani. >> a lot of people don't know after 9/11 shortly after things were going hay wire. you were trapped in one of those buildings.
8:07 am
>> it was after the first building came down. i was in the police department command center to communicate with the rest of the city . i wasbout to get a phone call from vice-president cheneyn. building came down and the power came down and it created like an earthquake effect in the building. the building was shaking and we were trapped in there 15-20 minutes and we got ourselves out and once we got out, we wontedered if we hadn't gotten boa worsee situation . we saw all of the debris and people injured, we had to make a decision to go outside and we did. >> mr. mayor oen times, they say you see a person's true colors in tragedy and unexpected event. you could say that with the politicians and having that instinct of knowing what to do and we certainly saw that from you that day and the days proceedings president bush and
8:08 am
that photoof him in ground zero giving that speech. but what was it about -- where did you dig deep that day to know what to do? >> actually, i had several. knowledgevilles. i had been mayor for 7 and three-quarters year. you are a mayor of new york city and it is a crise yis i dealt with airplane crash blackouts and you g used to dealing with emergencies and ais worse than anything before. i h a great group much people. nothing like the new york police and fire department. i knew every decision i madeed would be cried out the right way. i didn't have to worry about that. >> you made the dn and said before and told us on the couch and in ground zero. i am acting on instinct. did you go through a period after a couplev years and war
8:09 am
start in stan tan and it was kind of clear we were on top o things from the intelligence perspective of mourning and remorse. >> oh, sure. yeah. >> where it finally hit home? >> it hit home in stages and not at any one time. i can't say one moment in which i felt all of the pain and all of the loss. i just feel it in stages at different times and a day like day is a complicated day. my worst memories and greatest memories and it is a complex day. i try to deal with it by always trying to finish the thought of remembering how brave the people were that came dn here. i am thinking about the construction workers that came marching down and i can see where they marched down and showed up like the calvary to relieve everyone at 2:00 in t afternoon. >> they did and a lot of the first responders as well. mr. mayor.
8:10 am
all of the stuff in the air. all o that junk, a lot of them have gotten sick and died and on capitol hill, they ried once to pass the bill that was then a political hot potato and that was an issue that congressman weiner and congressmen king was arguing about. that is something that congress has to do. >> how about extracting that from politicings and pass it as a stand alone bill. you don't have to attach a lot of stuff to it. republicans and democrats agree and everybody fights over. how about just passing that? that would show the kindf of solidarity and feeling that we had after september 11th which unfortunate he if you move away from it gets lost a bit. >> mr. mayor, what is the thoughts about therogress of the new we had mayor bloomburg on an hour ago and he said he
8:11 am
thought the progress was moving well. what are your feengs about nothing there yet? >> myre feelings now are not different than what they were a lon time ago. i think it should have beemn a memorial and no office tower no competition of commercial space. there is plenty of areas around here for commercial space. all of that should have been a memorial to the worst attack in the history of the united states . a hundred years from now. people are going to judge us on how well we handled that. you go to pearl harbor. i don kw if you had an opportunity to do that. you can relivree what happened there and g a sense of the edication of the men attacked. same thing here. i would like it to be remembered in the same way. the whole reason it is taking so long is because of confusion of t purpose of it
8:12 am
it is a mixed view project instead of a memolial solely. i said it in 2001, for the first time. i continue to say it and that's the reason you are seeing long delays. >> you differ on the current mayor and about the mosque. >> i have to differ with a lot of people. not many people agree with me that it should be just a memorial. i haven't gotten a majority. >> i understand that . you don't look for a majority to make your decions. mr. mayor on the mosque 200 feet from ground zero, you don't think it should be done. >> i just passed it. it is close to the bui tlding that i was trapped in . so, to me, this is i have to admit an egal issue as well i don't see it there. but the main reason i have comto the conclusion. i taldkers to the family members
8:13 am
and the overwhelming majority of them. a few differ. but the overwhelming majority find it enormously available. if themam is about healing you don't go forward like the pope didn't go forward with the convert inus ahwitz. >> thank you, shirr for joining us on a special day. >> the new threat we are facing. the rise of home grown territor. congressman peter king on that topic. ♪ [ singing ] ♪ i can hear the sg. ♪ the congregation is calm . ♪ my city. am you want some fir one honeclusters yeah.ea
8:14 am
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8:17 am
day this comes fromome grown andhey are more diverse. that is by a report released by a group. it america prepared to deal with home grown terrorist attacngs. congressman king. hese were in your district. describe the new thrits and not looking for the 9/11 sensational style attack. >> we are successful in stopping al qaeda. it would be almost impossible to launch another 9/11 attacks . the allis and w . devastating attacks . now they are going to use people living legally in this country. zazi was involved in a explosive. and former coffee cart guy. >> he was here and raise in queens and went to high school in queens and had a business downtown. and fasal.
8:18 am
who was an american citizen and attempted the times square bomng. they are under the radar screen. only way to i stop it iso haveen extensive cooperation withitate and local officials and nypd and all of them work the f.b.i.. we have to increase o intelligence capacity and realize this is an enemy living amongst us. the federal government should point out many of the mosques don't cooperate with law enforcement. imams are telling their congregants not to copt with the law enforcement. 90 percent of the muslims are outstanding people. but someea of the leadership feel that investigations carried out in the communities th that ismu anti-muslim or anti-islamic. it is not. that's where the enemy is located. >> that's where the libitarian fight with the republicans and
8:19 am
democrats. our constitution demands one thing. what do we stand for? if we do that in many cases we are killed and our loved ones maimeif we don't take a yction. how do you straddle that line. you get the blow personally. >> the constitution is not a suicide pact. we have the right to defend ourselves. we stay in the constitution and have a definition of it which adapted to today's reality. we have to be mindful of travel and patriot act. there is a legitimate use w wire tapping and tron ton intercepts that is vital. >> you are coming up on 10 years since that day, what are your personal thoughts and refrection wells. it hit home and victim's families are now friends of yours? >> it was a . devastating day . the families have not recovered. they have made a big come back but suffering day in and day out.
8:20 am
it is a brutal experience for them and we as americans have an obligation never to forget what hay went through and god forbid it never happens again. it is a experience . >> we do. >> and i like this date. 63 percent of the people surveyed in new york said it strengthenedrialations with family since the attack. for those who survived, people got the message. no one promises you tomorrow? >> absolutely. people say enjoy family and look at the big picture and realize how much you need and love those nea you. congressman king thank you so much. look back at 9/11. darkest moments unfolding before our eyes and how americans heard the news nine years ago today. ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ 3000 americans died when our country was attacked on september 11th, 2001. athe attack unfolding at home >as larger than athing we saw before . >> pictures and sounds are so unbelievable and the are still burned in our memories. >> all right. here's how the world heard the news as it happened nine years ago today. ♪)
8:25 am
(bell) >> holy -- (explosion) >> we have a very tragic alert for you right now. an incredible plane crash into the world trade center here in the lower tip of manhattan. >> it is the 737 crashed in and speculation. three floors taken out and in the side of the build joining us is a producer of the fox report. what do you know and what do
8:26 am
you see. >> i am on the roof of my building five blocks south of the world trade center. i am looking right now at the world trade center. there is a massive gaping whole on the second tower. it is about 15 stories from the roof. it is unbelievable to look at. >> you can see right now. you can see emergency vehicles tearing southn the west side highway . tons of people in the streets. there are paper things fluttering out and i can't see evidence of what it was that crashed. but it is a seen of a massive gapping hole all we can do is star aghast at the pictures at this point. you are looking at the north building of the twin towers of the world trade center in manhattan . these are coming to you live now, debris raining down from
8:27 am
110 floors up. as you can see, this is a clear blue sky day in manhattan. if this was an accident it would be a needle in a hay stack kind of accident . there was another one. we just saw. we just saw another we just saw another one apparently go another plan just flew into the second shower. this raises -- this has to be deliberate, folks. we just saw on live televion as a second plane flew into the second tower of the world trade center. now, given what has been going on around the world. some of the key suspects come to mind.
8:28 am
osama bin laden, whonows, who knows what? eric shawn is with us. eric you have a lot of sources in the f.b.i. and other places like that. what can you say. >> i was out of breath and walking out of the fifth avenue close to our tudios and i heard a jet. a 737 over air small air bus flying low. unusually low over fifth avenue. i don't know rpeeportos what type of plane hit the world trade center but people looked up and it made a right toward the building. it is a tragedy. it is abhorrent and disgusting. but you know, i am wondering are these pilots terrorist themselves or are there terrorist in the ckpit
8:29 am
holding guns to pilot's head? >> i can't imagine. >> you can speculate how it happens. it obviously takes a lot of training and expertise to fly a complicated sophisticated aircraft. whether a boeing 737 or air bus. they are not sessnas ande pipers. you have to wonder and raise what possibility there is with the type of scenario. >> wend all goaler iste in the white house or sars, he is traveling with the president. what is theeaction from the president? >> john, the president is here promoting a reading initiative on the seconay of a twoay trip to florida . he just finish to reading to children in the booker elementary school and asked
8:30 am
about the incident. he said he was aware of it and he would haveomething to say about it later. >> let's bring in david lee miller, our wocorrespondant . he has an eyewitness with him. david lee what can you tell us. >> i am a few blocks from the world trade center. the roads are cup up and only way to get near the buildings is on foot. the scene is horrific one and people are streaming outf the area and in tears and in chock. people who worked and can't believe what happened. still many of them remember the terro rist attack on the world trade center years ago and it is a ugly reminder of that and details are not certain. as i was walking downtown in lower manhattan i stop to speak to sylvia if yoees. she used to work in the world trade center and i will hepand
8:31 am
her the telephone and she will describe for us what she saw this mornings he arrived at work. >> heard loud of rumblg and i looked nup the air and there was an airplane going into the world trade center and flames were coming out and smoke was will billowing in the air. tons of people were running down fulton street, running each other over and i made my way back to my office on waters street and i looked out of my windows and second world trade center went into flames. from one minute to the next. sylvia thanks for the eyewitness report. >> when we saw the second plane slam in the tower intentionally you got to believe it is a terrorist attack. harvey cushener is on the line. he is a terrorism expert. harvey, is it too early to
8:32 am
speculate about suspect. >> one things it is the most orrifically planned incident in the annals of terrorism against the united states. think about it. you look outside of the fox studios. how could you miss the trade towers? not just one but two planes? >> and it brings to mind, you know, everybody hates those metal detectors at airports anddy makes passing through them a joke these days, but clearly, it sms that something is going to change if you can make this kindme much statement and kill as many people who a likely to be dead in this kind of cenario. >> we talked to you about terrorism. no matter how it turns oiut itt is a day that live in infamy and causes changes in tms that terrorism and security like this country has never
8:33 am
seen before. >>us president bush is about to speak. he was in florida at what was supposed to be a joyous event in an elementary school. >> today w have had a national tragedy. two airplanes have crashed into the world trade cente r in an apparent terrorist attack on our country. i have spoke tone the vice-president, to the governor of new york, to the director of the f.b.i. and iha have ordered that the full resources of the federal government go to help the victims and their families and to conduct a full scale investigation to hunt down and to find those fol who committed this act. terrorismgainst our natn will not stand. and now if you join me in a moment of silence.
8:34 am
may god bless the victims and their familis and america. thank you very much. >> we are going to betooking at an ermous death toll. 50,000 people work in those two buildings. >> john fund froms the wall street journal is on the phone with us. john, were you in the area where the planes hit. >> i was across the street in my office building. >> i heard an incredible sonic boom and looked up and there was much smoke and flames pouring out of the building and 15 minutesater the second sonic bloom. >> what about injuries, john. >> most terrible things. 15 minutes ago, bodies started to drop from the top floors of
8:35 am
the tower close to the highway. five or six . it was absolutely terrible. they had two choices to be burned in flames or to leap and end it all. it was tragic. >> let me bring you to the conversation. david - my colleg. g >> i want to give you late-breaking information. one of the things that is a greatest fear there i another terrorist attack since those two plane crashes happened within 20 minutes of each other. all of manhattan h been sealed off. this is probably unprecedented. this is all unprecedented in the disastardly occasion. but manhattan has been sealed off . the hudson river bridges and tunnels have been sealed. clearly there isem an attempt to thwart any other act of terrorism or violence against the people of manhattan.
8:36 am
manhattan is in a lock down ... (bell) a >> we are hearing right now another explosion has taken place in the pentagon. (sirens) weave the heart of the financial district of america bng attacked and now we understand that there is an explosion or has been an explosion in the pentagon, the heart of the military command center of the united states of america, john, it can't get much worse than this, let's hope. >> you have to believe that it happened again. another large airliner, perhaps hijacked or perhaps part of some wide spread plan apparently slamming into at least the area around the
8:37 am
pentagon. >> they have not struck at america, they have struck at individual places in america. but this country will go on. >> we'll have our washington manager editoho has the outlook from the nation's capt cament. brit, this raises questions of america's response. it is not going to be immediate is it? >> whether it is immediate or not. we are seeing a sevees of evacuation from various buildings from around washington t. it is important to say that we don't know and have no reason to building that the white house was facingmm any immediato imminent threat. same is true in capitol building. they will evacuate soon. thing has happened to either of those places. this is of course, john one of those days where we can say things will not be the same in the united states of america. this is the kind of terrorist
8:38 am
attack that is a nightmare that experts and others warned about . some ofs may have thought really could not happen on such a scale. this is quite remarkable.> >> as we watch t these pictures, the world trade center, a 110 stories leterally starting to fall. >> it is the whole tower that is gone. holy crap. they knocked the whole freaking thing down. >> i hope i live. it is coming down on me. here it comes. i am getting behind the car. i have to go find people who need help. i don't think i am one of them. you okay, sir.
8:39 am
okay. turn off the respir at that timor. rk you are inside of the world trade center. snorks doing what. getting ready to search. >> the wholing collapsed. >> how do you get out. >> what was it -- hello,av hello. >> david lee what can you tell us. >> the scene is horrific. one of the towers collapsed and i was making my way to one of the world trade center and suddenly while talking to an officer questioning me about the press credentials we heard a loud blast and explosion and looked up and the building literally began to collapse before us. there was debris falling, i would say three-quarters the height of the building and people in the entire peremeter including myself out of breath and running for our lives
8:40 am
>> those steel girders strong as they are had a lot of weight toport and apparently. i am not a tructural engineer. i am guessing they juswa gave away. the loss of life is going to be enormous. >> may got help those who are there and victims andil their familis and all of the souls that are lost today. >> can you tell me what you saw and heard? are you all right. >> (sirens) n, and look at this guy. unbelievable. unbelievable. this poor woman. wow. >> flight 93? united 93. do you still hear cleveland.
8:41 am
united 93. united 93 do you hear cleveland. >> 83 south of pittsburgh. united flight 93 crashed . >> from the size of the crator thangle of attack had to be straight in. >> i think the pilot downed the plane in a remote area. it was not many houses where it went down. i don't know, it is really, the wholehing is unbelievable. >> ts is clearly a national catastrophe. there will be some response to the white house. we'll go to wendal goaler who was traveling with the president and find out what the latest is there, wendal. >> the president left sarcota and convened a meeting with the national security advisors and vice-presidentl and national security agent and f.b.i. and also new york governor patakey after the two attacks on the twin towers in new york. he was briefed by his national
8:42 am
security advisory condoleezza rice who phoned him after the first attack. mr. bush was reading to children when the second attack occurred. chief of staff interrupted him and it was clear we were deal terrorist. >> i want to bring in to the conversation general al haag, former secretary of state. at a time like this how does america respond prud dently with the proper amount of caution and yet with whatever force needs to be aplayued? >> first we have to know the full limits of the tragedy and it is unprecedented of course. but we have to say above all unite calm and ready to take resolute actionhich sometimes we have failed to do in the recent past. when the perpetrators are uncover we have many indicators of precisely who they are.
8:43 am
it was too broadly based terrorist attack to be a few crazies. it is a terrorist move we know where they are located today . obviously as a nation we'll have to take action against them. >> there it goes. there it goes. oh, it comes down. >> we do need to put it down now. here we go. (sirens) >> america offer a prayer.
8:44 am
and the bells will be ringing in lower manhattan and throughout new york city coming up in a moment. that piece so well pitts into perspective what was happening on that day here . reminded all of us john scott within a couple of minutes or seconds actually after that second plane went throu mentioned osama bin laden. >> that amazing that he was in the of live television and seeing that crisis and be able to pull that out. every time i seet the piece, i think the same thing. i was not here at fox. but down there covering for the month afterwards . i know you were here live when it was happening as well. >> i had a chance to g s down there and see all of this . driving down one tower fell. we got back in the car and the other one fell. but you had five major evens. towers hit one, and two, and
8:45 am
then the pentagon hit . night 93n the falling of the towerings. you get it usually over the course of a career. but five major events happened in a short period of time within 90 minutes. >> that's exactly right. that particular package put together so well reminds you why we are at war with globa tl terrorism in this country. you are lking at mayor bloomburg down in ground zero . middle you have pentagon and shanksville, pennsfylvania whre one of the planes flew in the ground. it is presumed that plain was headed for washington d.c.. it sounds like from what we know the passengers on board knew there was trouble and heard about the plane striking the world trade center. >> we want to mention today. you can see the mayor speaking at ground zero and the president of the united states will be speaking in the pentagon and first lady
8:46 am
michelle obama and former first lady. we'll stop for a moment of silence. >> join us and all new yorker for a momentf silence. >> it was once impossible to believe that two soaring towers of people and possibilities can be soil coldly throughout the year we tsence.
8:47 am
interesthave sought consolation in what we learned that those who we lost live on in our memory and a measure of grace can be found in the determination to take up the life before us. the poet arch bald mcclez wrote. even among the ruins shall begin the work. large in the level morning of the light. >> work is going on surrounding him as they reconstruct buildings now where the two towers of the world trade center stood up until nine years ago this morning. >> they will start reciting the names and beildip in and out of this throughout the remainder of our show with you. the attackset around america . across th river from ground zero with a message of moving forward with this tragedy that's next. my mother was a and also the glu. playing )
8:48 am
♪ can't help it, can't help it ♪ ♪ can't help it, no no no... ♪ come on. ♪ can't help it, can't help , no no no ♪ ive me crazy ♪ ♪ and i just can't stop myself, uh! ♪ ♪ can't help it, ca't help it, can't help it. ♪
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8:51 am
♪ >> joining us now with his essage from libertiitate park across the island of manhattan is peter johnson junior. good morning, peter. >> good morning, steve. september 11th it was a day that was long darkness. i gave my euology father chaplain. i looked down in the first pew and sawormer president
8:52 am
clinton wiping away tears. i soyulently questioned both. as i touched tfi coffin. i prayed mike, we'll meet again. others never had the privilege of touching the coffin or seeing a loved one in repose. the fields of pennsylvania were soaked by the tears of a nation as fathers and brothers and family and friends silently searched for loved ones and a burial place named ground zero, right across the harbor. >> grief tricken inch of randed den din only link to the pas we all understand faith and sacrice more than we imagined we could. hints of thatacrifice were heard as i spoke in the church in st. francis to firefighters ice officers.
8:53 am
you see the ground zero death was cancer and just like the souls of the faithful departed who sout hen as they flew from the windows and brothers and sisters who rushed in the burning towers to salvage the life their fate was dealed. now they die in slow motion. they die with our gratitude and mostly with our aention. >> above all we honored dead and iocent . faith and color and station. they have our gratitude as americans and attention and our prayers. those who loved and lost andie served and died in the pentagon and snksville and iraq and afghanistan are people we aspire to be associated with. but the association brings with it deep daily obligation.
8:54 am
doing in the doing and service in the seving and the best indicator of thitate of our nation is not the iconic design of a emmorial or the brilliant rhetoric it is remarks to survivors but how we respond and do we answer the call to service . do we demand the nessity of honor and we do and have and we will. we look across the harbor in the shadow of the lady statu we call liberty. we can say to the frens we knew and never had a chance to meet that the call is answered and the romance embrace the honor affirmed. new york city rises as does the nation. soon the sky once filled with ash and sacrifice and pain and desperation will become a sky full of dreams and
8:55 am
asspirations and achievement and obligations met. lives we lost now transformed in a nation's better angels who fly above us and who define our unique and exceptional and indominable american coci.sness and our character. i said to my friend michael and others i lost in that day, that we will meet depane. i have faith that we will run into michael and all of our friends in a park called liberty. facing a water front, lined with opportunity and a sky line cled freedom. built with a very painful break of tir sacrifice. ♪ beautifully said. peter johnson junior. thank you. >> thank you, steve. ♪ we'll meet again. >> straight ahead on this special remembrance on 9/11. the obama administration now
8:56 am
threatening insurance company that say obama care is to blame for risingerates. what happened to the president's promise we wouldn't pay more for insurance huh? and the president and vice-president praising tpresident bush? have they stopped bashing bush or is it a temporary gameor change. more trait ahead. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style. style that lasts a lifetime. dato you say we get the look we want, the soft feel we need, g and have it stand up to anything we throw at it. then let's get it installed,
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>> . >> saturday saturday morning, everyone, as you know, today is september 11th, 2010.
9:00 am
we appreciate your your your time with us today. nine years after the worst attack america has ever seen on our own soil, this morning we're roemembering the thousands of americans los angeles their meanwhile, the president now admitting our is is far from fixed it's it's understandable that are are saying you y know, what have you done. il>> yeah. and now willing willing to accept the consequences we're going to report, you're going to decide. >> it's a dramatic departure, he president and vice-presidentinging president bush. you've got to won is this is this a change of heart or just a political ploy. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> the ride to freeman this morning is what we're talking about nine years after that
9:01 am
terrible day. nine years ago today, september 11th thank you thank you for sharing in our special "fox & friends" today with steve and brian and gretchen. we're all here today to commemorate th commemora commemorate ohio ohiocation. >> the reading of the continues continues and shawn shawn is with with the latest. >>, when you at at behind behind me struck struck by the intense personal and and tragedy that occurred here nine years ago this mornin. this an an islamic radical attack against ouration bun one one we'll never: and politics patriotism patriotism. you at at the crowds people people. brothers, sons and daughters of those gathered here with the photographs, with the posters with the names and pictures loved loved ones who
9:02 am
died,,752 people who risch risched on this day years years ago'' struck by the tragic tragic diddydy that occurred here,'' doing that in pairs of 212ersers, they are family members of the: along with weeks weeks workers workers
9:03 am
9:04 am
9:05 am
>> many people waiting here for that museum to finally open. it will be a sense of healing and hope and of course tonight the tributes of light the two ams that represent the twin towers of the world trade center will pierce the night sky to remind us those who died here nine years ago and the threat that sadly still exists. back to you in the studio. >> eric shawn reporti live
9:06 am
from the world trade center e site where heas exactly nine years ago, reporting for fox. eric, thank you very much. >> and eric, i remember initially wearing the wrong type mask. >> the paper mask and got him a real mask. >> heas told that would be fine, but they didn't know then what theyw. know now. >> september 11th ceremony taking place at the pentagon as you know and shanksville, pennsylvania in 30 minutes. president bomb will speak at the pentag and then, lay a wreath honoring the victims of the tragedy. we'll bring you his words live. >> and right now, families of victims are gathering at the field in shanksville. remembering the passengers who died on united flight 93. they fought back, stopping the terrorists on that plane from be crashing, maybe into the white house or the capitol. first lady michelle obama and former first lady will speak athis morning's service. other headlines, a fox news artble-decker bus
9:07 am
carrying at least 20 people hit aailroad bridge near syracuse, new york, kilng four and injuring others. and the bus company, coach usa, says it was en route from philly to toronto and police say the bus was too fall to make it under that bridge. and a change of heart, unfortunately, this morning, from ir's government and officials now say they will not release american hikraer sarah shourd and her case is held up byqu quote, unfinished legal procedures. shourd and two friends have been in solitary confinement for two months, after accidentally wandering over the border, iran inis ises they're spies. a u.s. soldiers who rescued, there first living person to receive the medal of honor. the safe serget and his platoon walked into a nighttime ambush in afghanistan. d bullets slammed into his chest plate and that did not
9:08 am
stop him from attacking the two dragging away his comrade. those are your headlines today. >> we're going to have mor from the lower tip of manhattan and the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. we would like to talk about what's going on in the world of politics because we know so many of you are interested in it. yesterday the president of the united states had a one hour and 17 minute press conference there in the east room of the white house. and for the most part, whenever he was talking about a economic this and jobs, he sounded a little professorial, interestingly enough and th, you know, he's a very smart politician. he knows people are understandably frustrated with the economy sputtering along in the lack of jobs and he had nd this prediction about early in november. november. >> for the all the progress we've made we're not there yet and tha t means the people are frustrated and that means people are angry and since i'm
9:09 am
the president, and democrats house and lled t the stat it's understandable that people are saying youw, know, what have you done. >> yeah, and where are the jobs? >> right, where are the jobs. about 862 billion dollargo he got it passedn almost pure party line vote, imagine majorities and we're wondering what happened to the money and the focus the next year was on health care and the president could be paying the price for that because the recovery summer never happened. the stimulus bill is very unpular and now he's asking for another, but he does something he always does, he picks out an enemy. the health care companies for a while. wall street for a while. john mccain for a while and president bush still today and this new guy is minority leader john boehner, that is the enemy and did i say president bush? maybe he's not the enemy anymore? >> this is a very interesting turn of events yesterday. a week ago when the president gave the speech on iraq and
9:10 am
ending combat mission there, he kind of thanked president bush. >> he talked-- >> not outwardlyid he thank him for the surge that many people believe was successful in iraq. he took some heat for that, asin well his spokesperson taking heat for that. then, a couple of days ago, when vice-president biden was on the steven colbert show he did something that a lot of sople went wow and did you hear what president obama said yesterday during that speech? watch both of these. >> the administration has got some critique, some criticism from me and my conservative friends, you have not given enough credit to president bush. would you like to take this opportunity right now to look over there and say thank you. >> mr. president, thank you, you've honored these guys, you've honored these women, you've honored these troops and i've knownou your entire eight years as president. a i've never known a time when you didn't care about what happened. we disagreed on policy and you deserve a lot of credit, mr. president. >> one of the things that i've
9:11 am
most admired about president bush was after 9/11, him being crystal clear about the fact that we were not at war with islam. we were at war with terrorists and murderers who had perverted islam, had stolen its banner to carry out their outrageous acts. and i was so proud of the uncountry rallying around that idea. >> oh, think about it. if you're going praise and say the end of operation iraqi freedoms over and the surge, that's president bush. if you want to say the drone strikes that was started under president bush in pakistan. when you saw afghanistan, president bush started and that's the one you upgraded so when you talk about bush policies he's living that. h t >> but he didn't have to sayda that yesterday. he did not have to give credit to probable, you have to
9:12 am
wonder if there's strategery goinag on here. and maybe they looked at the polls and at least the people in ohio would rather have president bush back than president obama. >> or maybe the president has just been sitting in that chair long enough. he realis that george bush, when he sat in that chair did his best, as he deemed what he should be doing. and now it's-- and everybody knows that after the mid terms, the president is going to take a turn toward the right. >> you think so? >> he's going to be running forreeltion, absolutely. >> i don't think that's a-- >> i'm not saying hard right, i'm just going to say that so far to the left ak he's going to be taking a turn to the right to become more moderate. >> then he'd be doing that now because he needs the house and the senate. we'll have to wait and see. >> we'll wait here on the couch and meanwhile, this is coming your way, the feds now veigating the deadly gas explosion that flattened the entire neighborhood and could this disaster have been prevented in san francisco. >> 45 minutes from now, neil
9:13 am
cavuto will anchor a special program. the real cost of freedom. he joins us next. ♪ >> brandon j buchanan. >> greg j buck.
9:14 am
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9:17 am
terrorists attacked our country. >> they've been reading for about a half hour and only up to the c's and neil cavuto is hosting a special program from liberty state park from where the towers once stood. good morning, neil. >> good morning. >> we showed about an hour ago, we ran 20 minutes to kind of summarized what happened on that day. i know, you're the money guy. shortly after the markets eventually did open we rent right in the tank. this country has just been on a rollercoaster since that day nine years ago today. >> really, it's remarkable, when you think about it, steve, we're upstanding now technically in jersey city looking down at manhattan and this has become its own metropolis. goldman sachs built a huge un office here and adjuncts offices fear of returning to lower manhattan andthers
9:18 am
hedging their bets in addition to offices in manhattan. but it's been very good for this part of the jersey economy. and i'm only a few feet away from ellis island. this is really a nationafl landmark site if you think about it, from the beginnings ofhose who wantedo get here, to of course the tragedy that happenly a few feet from here. so, when you look at the statistics and numbers, it's one thing, steve, but one thing stands out, when i look ro at the raw data from where we were then to where we are now. if you were to be oblivious to the last day of trading, let's say on september 10th, the day before the attacks, to where we are now, and just take that snapshot you'd say not much has changed. home prices are roughly the same value then as they are now. the markets roughly where they are now, as they were then. it's remarkable, t of course, we know what's transpired in nine ayears. >> that's an interesting comparison. neil, i know you'll have special coverage direcditly after this edition of "fox &
9:19 am
friends." the real cost of freedom. what are you going to be talking about? >> well, you know, we wanted to talk not only to those who were there at the time, but f those who hav a lot ofke stake in this. you know, the guy who ran the new york stock exchange, people forget how dicey that was. the market was closed obviously on the 11th, a tuesday when this all disrupted and didn't open until the follong monday and it wasf,uterious selloff, but we did stabilize and we'll be chatting with him and the former head of american airlines. about of there were bank bailouts, and all that, there was an airline bailout. people forget that, it was a big deal at the time, but not at all controversial and we see the airlines stabilizing, but of course, everyone wasaf afraid to fly and the idea of bailing them out was behind that and we have john howard from australia and so many morend more importantly is you discussing with are we go. >> thanks, neil, we'll be thatching for sure for that. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead.
9:20 am
the image is heart wrenching, president bush at ground zero and arm wrapped aund one of the bravest. >> and karl rove will talk about that way.o >>. >> joni sesta. >> jeffy mark chernoff. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your important legal mters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business, protect your family, and launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side. lcome to progressive. nice calculator.
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>> we've got a fox news alert on this saturday morning. a federal investigation is being launched into that horrific explosion out in san bruno, california that killed at least four people and destroyed a whole bunchf houses. dan springer is live in san bruno with t very latest. good morning to you, daniel. >> yes, steve, there are a
9:24 am
couple of key developments overnight and the first is that they have finished that house by house search for more victims. you know that they're waiting to put out hot spots before they could get through the neighborhood and find out if there were any more victims and almost anybody expted that there would be additional casualties to this. howeverh, they went through the houses and they found nobody else, no other victims of this terrible tragedy and so what they have concluded is that they have four fatalities, the number we're at now and there are dozens of other injuries, seven of them serious injuries k and the other key development is that the h n.t.s.b. has launched their investigation and done some preliminary work and told us this morning, that they have found a clean break at a weld, a large area that holds two pieces of pipe together. t is is a 30-inch pipe that exploded and found at e point of the explosion the point where two pies were held together, there was a
9:25 am
short break. here is what the n.t.s.b. told us a moment ago. >> w noticed that the seam weld, that brings the two long sections of pipe together, there was a very clean break around the weld and that's one of the things we'll be looki at, how did that break occur, we'll be taking pieces of the pipe back to our washington lab to study how, what were the mechanisms that caused that break t oo occur. >> and of course, they'll be looking at other issues, like possible, the possibility of human error, we know that people are supposed to be checking the pressure in pipes. they'll be looking at construction records, did a backhoe at some point damage the pipe and looking a the a lot of things, including reports that people in the neighborhood smelled natural gas and reported that to pacific gas d eric prior to this explosion. a lot of things to be looking at, steve, and they'll be launching that investigation like i said in earnest today. >> indeed and particularill the last issue, where people were smelling gas for a while before it did explode.
9:26 am
dan springer reporting live, thank you. 25 minutes now after the top of the hour, president obama just arrived at the pentagon, he's set to lay tha wreh y and deliver remarks, you'll see more live coming up next. and then we're going to head live to iraq, an update on the mission to root out al-qaeda. and then, geraldo will join us to shareod his thoughts today nine years after the september 11th attack.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> we honor them with our lives, with what we have done from that day to this. >> here at the live ceremony taking place at the pentagon in washington d.c., remembering the 9th anniversary of 9/11. >> and that's add mal mullen joint chiefs of staff giving the address. >> and you can see president obama off his right shoulder and the president will bkie speaking momentarily and we wi ll bring you those remarks as they happen. >> meanwhile, as they do that there, let's take a look at ground zero and the reading of the r names is happening right now. and perhaps we'll be able to hear a little bit of it coming
9:31 am
up. >> scott matthew davidson. of the second year in a row they're not going down to a pit to read it because everythi is thankfully coming up. >> that's right, and coming up in this half hour at 9:st59 eastern time there will be a third moment of silence marking the time when the south tower collapsed, a fourth moment of silence will10 happen at 10:28 eastern time then when the north tower fell. >> and looki live now, let's go to pennsylvania, shanksville to be specific, the exact site the crash of flight 93. and first lady michelle obama and former first ly lusaura bush. theassengers fought bac stopping the terrorist and crashing t plane as you know and the white house or capitol building strong speculation the capitol building being the intended target. >> now to ir, the u.s. there, but till questions still surround our mission there, including what is iraq's current role in the war on terror, joining us from baghdad is our own malini
9:32 am
wilkes, hi, malini. >> rorreter: good morning, gretchen. well, former president bush pledged to fig the terrorists abroad so we woul't have to fe them at home and nine years after 9/11 the iraqi special operations forces are key to counterterrorism efforts here. ,hould the iraqis be leading our war against al-qaeda, our war on terror? i had rare access to talking to commanders and their u.s. advisors. they are highly trained coandos with the best u.s. equipment. the iraqi special operations forces. this is just an exercise in capturing the most dangero terrorists. nine years after 9/11,ia iorceq special forces are key to counterterrorism efforts here. american advisors observed, sometimes participate, but more and more hang back. eally doing is really follow, observend report. we're watching them. >> both u.s. and iraqi
9:33 am
commanders say al-qaeda has been severely degraded since 2007. >> i fought them in fallujah, is a mara and many areas and the old al-qaeda does not exist in iraq anymore, their leaders have been killed and many have been captured. >> but the fight isn't over. high profilee bombings continue with al-qaeda ciming responsibility. at's why more than 4,000 u.s. special forces remain here to coach and support their iraqi counterpedarts. >> we'veived together, we eat together, we sleep together, we even fight together. we have died together. >> some iraqis all their own special forces the dirty brigade accusing them of harsh tactics and so, questioning why they are under chain of command that puts them directly under the iraqi prime minister, but the u.s. army s who are rce advising them say they are the finest in the middle east, partly because we have been workingloly with them for seven and a half years. gretchen, steve, brian, back to you. >> malini, wilkes live for us
9:34 am
in baghdad. that brings the story foeull circle, does it not? >> yeah, it does. geraldo rivera joins us on the couch. how great is it you have an iraqi officer talking about fighting al-qaeda. >> geraldo? >> pause. >> the president down at the pentagon. >> i yield to the president. >> secretary gates, admiral mullen and members of the armed forces, my fellow americans. most of all to you, survivors who still carry the scars of tragedy and destruction, to the families who carry in your hearts the memory of the loved os you lost here. t our nation, this is a day of remembrance, a day ofle reflection and with god's grace, a day of unity and
9:35 am
renewal. we gather to remember at this sacred hour on hallowed ground, the places where we feel such grief and where our healing goes on. we gather here at the pentagon where the names of the lost are forever etched in stone. we gather in a gentle pennsylvania field where a plane went down and a tower of voices will rise and echo through the ages. we gather where the twin towers fell, the site where the work goes on so that next year on the 10th anniversary, the waters will flow and steady tribute to the nearlyoce 3000 innocentlives. on this day it's perhaps natural to focus on the images o that awful morning. images that are seared into
9:36 am
our souls. it's tempting to dwell on the final moments of the loved ones whose lives were taken so cruelly. yet, these memorials and your presence today remind us to remember the fullness of their time on earth. there were fathers and mothers, raising their families, brothers and sisters, pursuing their dreams. sons and daughters, theirs ole lives before them. they were civilians and service members. some never saw the danger coming, others saw the peril and rushed to save others, up those stairwells into the flames, into the cockpit. they were white and black and brown, men and women and sdrome childr children, made up of a races, many faiths.
9:37 am
they were americans, people from far corners of the world. they were snatched froms senselessly and much too soon, but they lived well and they live on in you. nene years have now . passed. in that time you've shed more tears than we will ever know. and though it must seem some oys as though the world has moved on other things, i say to you today that your love ones endure in the heart of our nation now a forever. our remembrance today also requires certain reflection, as the nation and as individuals. we must ask ourselves how best to honor them, those who died,t
9:38 am
those who sacrificed. how do we preserve their legacy, not just on this day, but every day. we need not look far for our answer. the perpetrators of this evil act didn't simply attack america, they attacked the very idea of america itself. all that we sta nd for and represent in the world. so the highest honor we can pay those we lost, indeed, our greatest weapon in this ongoing war is to do what our adversaries fear the most and stay true to who we are as americans. to renew our sense of common purpose, to say that we define the cracter of our country and we will not let the acts
9:39 am
of some small band of murderers who slaughter the innocent and cower in caves distort who we are. they doubted our will, but as americans, we persevere. today in afghanistan, and beyond, we have gone on t he offensive and struck major blows against al-qaed and its allies. we will do what is necessary to protect our country. nd we honor all tse who serve to keep us safe. they may seek to strike fear in us, but they are no match for our resilience. we do not succumb to fear nor will we squander the operatetism that's always defined us as a people. on a day when others thought to destroy, we have chosen to build. for the national day of service and remembrce that suons the inherent goodness of the american people.
9:40 am
they may seek to exploit our freedoms, but we will not sacrifice the liberties we cherish or hunker down behind walls of suspicion and mistrust. they may wish to drive us apart, but we will not give in to their hatred and prejudice. the scripture teaches us to get rid of all bitterness, age and anger, brawling and slander along with every form of malice. they may seek to spark conflict between different faiths, but as americans, we are not and never will be at war with islam. iwas not a religion that attacked us that september day, it was al-qaeda, a sorry band of men which reverts religion. and just as we condemnin intolerance and extremism
9:41 am
abroad, so will we sta true to our traditions here at home as a derse and tolerant nation. champion the rights of every american, including the right to worship as one chooses. the service members and civilians from many faiths do just steps from here, at the very spot where the terrorists struck this building. those who attacked thought to demoralize us, divide us, to deprive us of the very unity, the very ideals that make america, america. those qualities that have made us a beacon of freedom and hope t billions around the ld world. today we declare oncemore, we will never hand them that victory. as americans we will keep alive the virtues and values that make us who we are and who we must always be.
9:42 am
for our cause is just. our spirit is strong, our resolve is unwavering. like generations before let us com together today and all days to affirm certain inalienablerights, affirm life and liberty and the pursuant of happiness. on this day and the days to come, we choose to stay true to our best selves as one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. this is how we choose to honor the fallen, your families, your friends, your fellow service members. this is how we will keep alive theegacy ofhese proud and
9:43 am
patriotics americans. this is how we will prevail in this great test of our time. ow this is how we will preserve and protect the country that we love and pass it safer and stronger to future generations. may god bless you and your families and may godontinue to bless the united states of america. [applaus [applause] >> there you have the president of the united states over at the pentagon marking nine years ago today that that plane flew into that building and joining right now live is geraldo rivera. geraldo you came to fox shortly after 9/11 and went to tora bora looking for osama bin laden. >> scaled a lot of cliffs and caves, and found his rical
9:44 am
pack there. . >> we were live on fox in the sho >> i was looking at my gps and seeing that we crossed from afghanistan to pakistan. >> and bin laden walked that as he knew it was an escape route. if you go down a valley, foll a river, the river is behind his home where we camped out, it just-- you follow the river, follow that river valley and there it took us less than four hours to reach pakistan and why we didn't block it. >> and i know how badly you wanted to find him then, but now you fast forward nine years,>> he is still loose. t to make three kwekns observations, number one, as every anniversary,you recognize how much every american, certainly in varying degrees has suffered as a result of 9/11. how many lives were disrupted, how many more taxes we pay, how much lives we have lost in terms of the pursuant of this man and his allies and i think from a personal point of view
9:45 am
the so-called victims of 9/11 it's a far larger counity, i argue it's a community ofll of the united states, but certainly in varying degrees and many, many people profoundly professionalize disrupted, family lives disrupted. people lost in the military and elsewhere. en it's clear because of my first observation, aside from an act much mass murder this was a brilliant military attack on the united states. this in my view far more effective than pearl harbor, this is something that cost us a trillion dollars so far, we're still paying for urit. the security industry and everything else that's bu burgeoned and supported by tax dollars and the third thing is, for nine years we have survived without the kind of bitterness and divisiveness that this act is now causing as a result of the mosque downtown and we have avoided divisions between people of faith. one faith or the other, the
9:46 am
islamic community here has lived in absolute harmony until now, where now the bitterness has surfaced and this is a symptom of the fact that this thing has dragged on for nine long years. >> and the last thing is, too, we just weren't acknowledging t, hit may have officially brought us in. >> you're right, but this was an attack of a scale the magnitude you don't know and never would have expected. >> indeed, as they continue to read the names downtown here in manhattan, geraldo will be live tonight and-- >> i'll be covering this and other relevant stories. >> all right, over to grech, a special guest, michael mukasey. >> joining us is former attorney general michael mukasey and also a judge, i'll going to call you judge. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> as you reflect back nine years, what are your thoughts today? >> my thoughts are very much like what they were on september 11th, 2001, which is that this country got sucker
9:47 am
punched by people acting in the name of an ideology and got we've got to confront that ideology and look at it in a clear-eyed way if we were going to deea?t it. >> and have we? >> to a large extente we have. i think a lot of progress has been made since that day. i think we're not facing the kind of mass, high casualty attack that we faced on that day. he think the threat of that kind of attack has diminished. i think the threat of nuclear, biological, radiological attack is someat diminished and yet, we're facing in increasing numbers americans and residents of this country who are involved in that kin of activity and who are in fact leaders of it. >> because the new report surfaced the national security preparedness group assessing the terrorias threat at home and into the last year, we have the time square alleged bomber, the fort hood shooter
9:48 am
and the christmas day boer, all home grown. what do you think when you hear home-grown terrorist? >> what i think is that we need to understand the nature of what it is we're up against. we need to understand that this is not just a bunch of a madmen running around who like to run around destroying buildings. this is an ideology that will do it any way possible, be it terrorism, be it peaceful er.nd >> is this the new strategy of the terrorists, if what you're saying is true, that they maybe can't pull 0 of this o large scale kind of attack he gain, then the new strategy is to target one of our own, to try and turn them? >> well, i think that that strategy has probably been in place for se time. the strategy is to organize smaller attacks, that will nonetheless take a substantial toll and that will sap the energy and will of this country. >> so this report lists
9:49 am
potential future domestic targs including passenger sets, jewish or israeli sites and u.s. soldiers even at bases in earthquake m. well, we saw that at fort hood didn't we? >> we saw it in fort hood, saw it in little rock, where a recruiter was killed and another was wnded and al wa lackey enspired the fort hood shooting. praised that. when you hear people s that r the war on terror was overblown as i think the news week cover says in the latest edition or that we made too much of it, or that it doesn't exist ymore and we sit here nine years after september 11th and we're hearing names of these people who died, what do you think? is that true? the war on terror doesn't exist anymore. >> that just infuriates me. it is itself a dangerous, dangerous kind of idea because it puts people to sleep. tells people go to sleep. if, as people said in1993, that that was a wakeup call or
9:50 am
september 11th if that was a wakeup call. this is urging us to hit the snooze button, that's not something we should ever do. i think we should look at this in a dleer aye and understand the nature of the ideology. >> not just the religion, but the system that some of these people seek to impose, that there are a reformist elements within islam that we just interact with and enc sourage and we should discourage to the extent that we can as citizens, people who are bent on a different kind of view of that religion. >> it's always so great to get your perspective, a former u.s. attorney general michael mukasey, judge mukay. thanks very muurch for sharing your thoughts on the 9th anniversary of september 11th. >> thank you. >> let's go over to steve andan brian. >> thanks, grech. nine years ago today, ahman mack naneney was at work on the 103rd floor.
9:51 am
on that day bonnie lost her husband and four children lost their father, but bonnie says hope. y is one of she says since 9/11 her husband has reached out to her and sent her members that he is still with her in one way or another. and she's compiled that story and similar experience from other 9/11 families in her ook. messages, signs, visits and premonitions from loved ones lost on 9/11. >> welcome, bonnie. >> thank you. >> so sad on ts day, even though nine years for many, it's like yesterday, would you think your husband had been sending you messages and you find that's not the only, you're not the only family member to feel this. >> i interviewed nearly 200 family members and friends victims who have incredible experiences supporting the nation that loving relationships continue even after death. they're justdifferent. >> you thought you'd lost him completely, but then, tell us aut-- and there's a picture of you on the happiest day. tell us how you started to
9:52 am
pick up feelings t that he was trying to communicate with you in some way. >> well, felt his spirit. >> first, i'll say that he started by having a series of premonitions the week before september 11th. on the 2nd of september-- >> he was, your husband. >> yes, at a labor dayal function he actually talked to the family about terrorists tting the building and the conversation revolved around, this time should he take colleagues to the roof or dow wn the stairs becausee was credited with doing that in 1993. >> down the stairs. >> down the stairs and then every other day after that, he became increasingly despondent, talking about the fact he knew he was going to die and coughingses around that conc t. and then september 11th >> happened. >> so, he was on the 105th floor. >> that's right. >> took 63 people down 105 floors. >> yes in 1993. >> in 1993. so tell me when you started seeing signs. >> i was a complete skept of all of this i have t say, but i have to tell you that the
9:53 am
first time was probably the morning of september 13th and we were doing what all other 9/11 families were doing. we were calling hospitals, lookingor him, we were contacting tburn units. >> he must be out there somewhere. >> that's right. and everybody was doing the same thing and any rumor we acted on and i think out of sheer frustration, i stepped outside into my front yard. i live in a country setting and i just yelled out, you know, outio of desperation, ahman, please tell us where you are, it was a very still day and it took about five seconds before i t started to hear the rustling sound of the ea one of the tes above my driveway and it anywhere else and this wind emerged and circled the other trees in my yard and the way i describe it, whimsically played with my skirt and stopped and i knew, the first time i had anything like that, i knew it was the answer to the question. ere talking to other family members, whatid you find?
9:54 am
>> i wasn't intentionally beg proactive. i knew so many people because he was with cantor fitzgerald and over time people shared things happening to them and thgs that fall in the category of signs, some ns visitatio. >> visitations. >> visitations where people, i call them sensoryit visitations where people either, they sense their loved one either through an embrace, through actually hearing their voice and in many cases actually seeing them after they died and this was not necessaly in a sleep state. >> sure. >> so collecting this over time, the one thing that i realized and what really was the motivation for me, the healowg a growth, people were helped by this phenomenon. >> and well, it is a terrific idea for a book. it's called messages, signs, visits and premonitions from loved ones lost on 9/11, nine years ago today. bonnie, thank you very much for sharing your story. >> thank you so much for having me. >> and talking about your wonderful husband. >> thank you. >> six minutes before the top
9:55 am
of the hour, we'll be back to wrap things up. . >> john michael griffin. >> sherry griffin. >> joan donna griffin. >> and for my father, robert john ferris, who would be proud that i share the podium today. >> and in fact, we're going to keep it here. >> what an amazing interview with that woman. >> no kidding. >> boy, you feel the spirit of her husband when she speaks, don't you and then watch the family members remembering their lost loved ones as well., you thinko yourself, wow, i wonder how they feel, their loved ones still in their lives as well. >> and we're listening right ow, these are some family e members and people who were also working on building the memorial and buildings down ate 9/11 site here at the world trade center and they continue to read some of the names. as we leave yougo today, we are going to leave you and let you hear some more of what's going
9:56 am
on in lower manhattan on this september 11th, 2010. >> joseph f grillo. >> francis edward grogan. >> joseph grizlack. >> robert joseph bouchard. >> firefighter jose a guadalu guadalupe. >> lieutenant jeffrey eguheka. >> janet ruth gulf gustavso
9:57 am
>> jer robert hayes. >> >> this is a special presentation of nine years later, the real cost of freedom. now, here is neil cavuto. >> hello everybody, coming to you today from what they call new york harbor, we'reot th far from what has now become the iconic symbol of our terror attacks of this country, simply known as ground zero not too far behind me. what you might not know about what too far is behinde is a growing andusting metropolis that largely grew as a result of 9/11 and wha happened there. for the next two hours we are through a take you what happened then a what has gone on that since the and our location is pivotal.
9:58 am
to glimpse you not only of the lower manhattan image you've all become very, very, very familiar, but i want to show you something called exchange plates, it's in jersey city and this has become a bustling city largely in the wake of 9/11. in this area, as we recognize a moment of silence at ground zero in new york city. and that moment of silence as you know recognizes the collapse of the south tower, it was actually the second tower that was hit, but it was the first to fall nine years ago this very minute. they read the names of all the victims, close to 3000 names to be >>read. >> and my brother, firefighter thomas patrick hollohan, jr.
9:59 am
and 346 new york firefighters, all of you proved that day to the world that we are still one indivisible nation under god. [applaus [applause] >> i'm proud t represent local 46 iron workers, builng the memorial. (bell sounding)


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